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The exterior of your property is equally important as your interior, when being viewed by potential clients (buyers or occupiers). Our company works with the best gardeners and landscaping architects and cover a wide range of services varying from design, to final executions and installations. It is important that the property maintains a harmonious blend and fusion between its interior and exterior.

Design & Installation

Have you wondered about how your outdoor area should look and feel like? Perhaps it needs to give you the comfort and satisfaction you desire and should also correspond with your property and the style you like. It should offer a pleasant journey around the garden for you and as well as for your pets. Outdoor furniture and accessories are an integral part of the overall perception of your garden and exterior.

Garden Care

Professionals that are steeped in their science and are passionate about their crafts can boost the beauty of your garden. Our specialists do not only maintain your garden, they upgrade it too.

Green roof projects

Do you live in an apartment with a roof terrace and have a desire for an extraordinary and unique look? Or maybe you live in a city and wish to be surrounded by greenery? Our plant specialists can create green roofs and greenwalls of any size. Your terrace can become a relaxing, gardening or entertaining zone. We will bring a piece of nature close to you and to your home.

Lightning & Irrigation

In order to achieve the maximum results from your garden, lighting is absolutely essential. With smartly planned lighting you will be able to enjoy your garden 365 days a year with your family and guests and integrate it as a designed outdoor extension of your property.

For full enjoyment, water is also key to the gardens survival. We think about the integration of lighting and irrigation systems in the design phase and not when the project is finished.

Plants & Greenery for interiors and events

People and nature share a long history and with increasing urban saturation, we continue to lose part of that. The more complex and technologically advanced our society becomes, the more we need to balance that progress, with plants and greenery are becoming more important to our daily lives.

Our specialists offer innovative and unique indoor gardening services including: design, installation, delivery and aftercare for your office, show room, shop or home. We also deliver these to any formal or informal events and short term exhibitions.

Plant Health Care

Our experts use a scientific approach, professional tools and eco-friendly products in order to provide your garden with the best care. Our team knows how to protect your soil, roots, plants, trees and bushes from insects and other pests.