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Professional Photography

For any property to be successfully advertised, achieve a high impact and to catch the attention of potential buyers and occupiers, it needs to be well presented visually. Photography is the key issue for any potential client to either continue looking at your property or move on and look for something different. We work with professional photographers that specialize in real estate, interiors, exteriors, and in interior design. With a client´s permission they arrange and prepare the property for shooting.

Our contracted photographers also offer postproduction services (commercial & artistic retouching).

Regardless of the value, location or size of your property, all properties deserve professional imagery, a representative look and marketing to achieve the best possible results.

Apart from real estate, our photographers also do events and can offer you a selection of services including birthday and celebration albums, videos and portraits you want to remember.

Living room

The service we used in these implementations

Child room
Design of the child's room, Buštěhrad
Master bedroom
Two-bedroom apartment with terraces, Prague 8
Partial reconstruction of detached house, Buštěhrad
Living room with kitchen
Cozy studio apartment, Prague 5